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Statistics Department Seminar

The Statistics Seminars for Autumn Quarter will be held online via Zoom at 4:30pm on Tuesdays. Please note that these events will be locked by the Host after ten minutes, so latecomers will not be able to join the Meeting. Subscribe to our distribution list to receive Meeting IDs and passwords via email.

During this period of restrictions on social gatherings within our community, the Statistics Department remains committed to providing a forum for sharing our research and that of our colleagues as regularly as possible. We hope to see everyone together in a live presentation very soon!

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We provide a LaTeX template for speakers to use when submitting the abstract for a seminar (sample PDF output). Using this template makes it possible to post the abstract promptly and without unintended errors that might creep in if your text has to be migrated from another source.

Zoom sessions are open to registered participants through our email distribution. Questions about this series may be sent to

November 2020
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 17 Nov
Edgar Dobriban University of Pennsylvania ---
Tue 10 Nov
Will Fithian UC Berkeley ---
Tue 03 Nov
Mengdi Wang Princeton University Some theoretical results on model-based reinforcement learning
October 2020
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 27 Oct
Nilam Ram Stanford Communication and Psychology Screenomics: A playground for the mining and modeling of both "big" and "small" longitudinal data
Tue 20 Oct
Mikhail Belkin Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Two mathematical lessons of deep learning
Tue 13 Oct
Art Owen Stanford Statistics Backfitting for large-scale crossed random effects regressions
Tue 06 Oct
Kengo Kato Cornell University Berry–Esseen bounds for Chernoff-type nonstandard asymptotics in isotonic regression
September 2020
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 29 Sep
Mohamed Ndaoud USC Scaled minimax optimality in high-dimensional linear regression: A non-convex algorithmic regularization approach
Tue 22 Sep
Samory Kpotufe Columbia University Some recent insights on transfer-learning
Tue 15 Sep
David Donoho Stanford Statistics Prevalence of neural collapse during terminal phase of deep learning training
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